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@Cosmic_Energy 351796 wrote:

when youve got a minute have a read up about all the toxins thats in drone, im not saying dont do it just be carefull, its already getting a bad rep in my town, nobody knows the long term effects of this drug yet.

got any sources for info? as I’ve said a fair few times I find it to be much more like dexamfetamine in its effects, half-life (how long it stays in your body) and toxicity.

incidentally thats how Dexys midnight runners got their name :laugh_at: I liked their music as a boy and considered Kevin Rowland to be a hero and role model, even more so when I reached my teens…

Several people in their 40s mention a time when he appeared on a live Saturday morning TV shows for kids – he was asked by the very enthusiastic young female presenter (surrounded by a studio audience of kids aged 5-13)

Presenter : “why did you pick the name Dexys?”
Kevin : “Well you know what Dexys are don’t you”
Presenter : (shocked silence for several seconds, she then quickly moves on to another question)

bear in mind presenters of them kids TV shows had to get to the studio (often in the Midlands or North) for 07:00 rehearsals, many were based in London and ITV in the 1980s didn’t pay on screen talent for these roles enough to afford coke :laugh_at: