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@euvit 345431 wrote:

it might be made illegal later this year, but it does take 6 months for the legislation to be put through and up until then its still technically legal, but the clock is ticking fast.

do you have any more sources for this info (particularly in the UK?). I think Denmark is definitely making mephedrone illegal later in the year, following a death from overdose in that country.

interested to know where you got 6 months from, its been about a year with previous classifications (fresh magic mushrooms to class A and ketamine to class C) but the Civil Service is always being pressed to work faster..

also any info on what classification the UK might use is worth sharing. I would hope “C” but its possible the authorities might consider B or even A to try and stop the stuff being put into pills or taking the place of MDMA (as BZP will already be class C)