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General Lighting

    Definitely mephedrone and not methylone (M1) or a combination of the two?

    I’ve noticed far less comedowns from meow than MDMA or even dexafmetamine – I have never used very large amounts of these substances in any one hit although I was a fairly heavy user of dexamfetamine at one point in my life.

    It does seem to be very “speedy” compared to MDMA in my experience, I cannot sleep and after taking it and cycling to a friends house beat my personal best for 26 miles by 10 minutes. Whilst I did “cheat” slightly and use the e-bike, plugging it into the charger showed I had actually used far less of the electric charge (i.e putting in more physical effort) than a normal days riding…

    My personal experience is that a lot of the emotional comedown is due to physical and mental exhaustion as well as the end of a weekend of fun irrespective of what drugs have been taken. I’ve even seen anecdotes from (non drug using) athletes who have suffered effects identical to comedowns after such things as winning a bicycle race they spent months training for..

    perhaps also a lot of the relationship problems may also have been due to the fact a lot of women feel guilty about doing drugs or other “risky” activities after they reach their mid 20s particularly if they have had (or hope to have) more children? I’ve noticed this happening with loads of couples on the scene and again it doesn’t seem to matter what drugs are involved..