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    @DaftFader 343295 wrote:

    i belive it’s posible to find it there … as alot of good furtalisers n e where are sold as plant feed (regardless of exactly what’s in them – just a law thing)
    some one was tellnig me about ordering some simila thing in bulk i belive for a shop .. it got taken by customs and not sure the out come but he didn’t goto jail or get in trouble .. i think he just didn’t wanna temp fate and risk persuing the intrusive prosess of reclaiming it from custons the legal status is a bit of a “grey area” alltho it is actualy legal to posess on it own as it’s a substance with out a law pased against it so far as it’s relatively new … but it’s so close to amphet in it’s chem constrution it could fall under that groupe of drugs what is illigal .. and aparently the basict drug test that police do it actualy shows up as speed .. well an amphet of some kind … so you would probably get knicked draged through court and waste a fuck loads of time (money) proving that it’s actualy not amphet but diferant in its molecula structure .. there for making it not illigal … should stand up .. but (and this is worst case imo) not worth the risk … alltho i don’t think if you actualy got it and allready had it they would ask too many questions if they knew you own a head shop .. they are expecting to have to look at substances you arre selling and give you a bit of lee way b4 busting you .. so for that reason you mioght be able to find it there .. i am sure i had some “herbal” pills with mephedone in under another name .. but was too mashed to be 100% certain this far in the futchor (god i hate the spelling of that word :/) i guess your best bet is to go in there .. or look on there web page and find out 😉 .. good luck :bounce_fl

    future dude :o) mate who does landscape says would it benefit him buying lots of plant feeder so he can buy that ‘golden rose’ the following year for Hampton Court, views on that peeps???