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    I should stick a gram up my arse lol, sounds like a few ppl in here already explored whats up ur arse poly! The reason I asked for a dosage which somebody kindly DID recommend me on, was because people have already contradicted each other on doses as I said in my post, so perhaps you require some glasses poly?? Lol for what its worth erowid is pretty useless I couldnt find out too much on there and had more luck exploring forums and reading first hand experiences, some people stating there BPM rising to 190 bpm taking under half a gram not a drug I fancy abusing unlike yourself poly 😀 good luck with that by the way!

    Sir Meph A Lot, my stuff shit? I havent tried it yet, hence the reason im asking about it duhh? Would of asked for a source but poly gets abit emotional when people do so thought I would save his knickers from getting twisted as per…