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    @euvit 345048 wrote:

    cant have been .9 polygon. i measure with a 0.001 scale and they are all bang on, i got slightly less bags than the 250g filled than should be, so if anything theres more in them. if there was one that was any less than a gram it would be minute ie 0.01 at the most.
    this is the thanks you get when you send double someones order! and my mephs “not good looking” haaa, the other stuff is fluffy because its been diluted, like most vendors are doing. mine isnt.
    thanks for the feedback

    tbh mate fair enough giving me double but maybe you should learn how to write a letter before you start a mephedrone business.

    my mum just said ‘who was that cretin that sent you a letter today? they don’t even know where to put the stamps and write the name and address’

    just a suggestion