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    @illmatical_dmt 341852 wrote:

    we did more on saturday through on to sunday! Nice time, had a gram in a drink and no lie, i had some stuning visuals with the intenhse buzz. Had two hits of K, and went crazily well. Expperience was truly surreal.

    The only fukked up thing happened in the course of our fun experimntal time when my mate’s girlfriend’s mate came and joined us. My boy gave her 0.5 of the drone, she drank it and within 10 mins she started goin crazy, she became frantic and very unsettled, it was like seeing when a person is experiencing a bad trip! We finally calmed her down, took about a good solid hour..she was then good and started to open up about her life and other matters. Although that ruined my buzz but it was good to see her in the normal mode! Never again will i do any of this shyt with a person i hardly know!

    btw, the come up of the drone we had was odd, at times it took 15 mins to kick in, another stage it took 1 hour..fukkin crazy and fun fun and fun!!

    interesting read, a g at once? fair enough, i wouldn’t do it