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    @General Lighting 349251 wrote:

    The NHS are well aware of mephedrone and its risks and Josh is not the first person to end up in the wagon because of it, although its effects are often confused with that of dexamfetamine.

    if its “negative” its the politicians who are to blame, not the NHS. all they are doing is collecting data and assessing the harm and costs of these incidents.

    I’m of course glad Josh is OK, but that Ambulance cost about £150 to call out and the paramedics and equipment etc has to be paid for. As he is in full time employment, at least the cost is probably covered in a couple of months of his NI contributions but its still one unit called out to a healthy young person with a self-inflicted condition what could be needed for something like treating a RTC victim or an elderly person suffering a stroke.

    we often don’t think about it because this isn’t spelled out to us on paper (unlike the yank what shot himself in the foot and had to pay for his treatment!)

    if this is caused by a recreational substance wider society has every right to state the opinion that use of this substance should be controlled.

    TBH I expect it will go class B by mid 2010 especially when the Tories get back in (as it will probably coincide with the stuff being mainstream and even a short resurgence in legal rave events frequented by my age group…)

    yeah i wasn’t blaming anyone really .. just saing that info would legaly have to be put into a report of what happened … and from there go down what ever chain that it is suposed to … and alot of drugs get banned because people die/have serious problems with them .. so this info must pass onto someone with power to put in motion a ban on any so far legal substance if there are signs of abuse