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    Listening to it now, brings back memories, phat tune. I like scot brown man, but all that dutch stuff is a bit hefty for me 🙁

    Even the Dutch found gabba to be a bit too hardcore for them (plus there was rumours the rightwing skinheads were trying to hijack the scene) which is why it got mutated / re-genred into hardstyle, and also trance was cleaned up and made less druggy and more club friendly (at least in NL, its still classed as drug/chav music here) though that was also so the national broadcasters and horeca-industry (night life economy) could monetize it better and fund the drugs testing etc…

    As for the skinheads, I personally think their influence on the gabba scene was greatly exaggerated, there were some but a minority. in any case there was (and is) just as much simmering racial tension on the UK EDM scene (i.e urban/bass vs trance genres) but the rumours may well have been caused by the UK prejudice against anything vaguely Germanic (in spite of this countries common history) and the fact a large proportion of North European / Germanic males suffer early baldness so any large gathering of them might well look like a skinhead rally!