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    @p0ly 457904 wrote:

    HSB man seems like you dis everything people want to do, what hobbies do you have and what makes them so special? not trying to attack you man (well maybe a little) but come on bruv this is mad fun just like DJing producing music, singing making films etc etc etc…

    gotta try new things and live a little, this is a proper character building thing to do and will help you with public speaking and anxiety issues to do with groups. i know you have aspergers or autism or whatever but come on man try n be more positive and open minded.

    I just think it sounded a bit silly thats all and I didn’t understand the whys. no need to bring autism into this lol although perhaps its why I was perhaps a tad literal/not understanding the propersition.

    With regards to what he should do, perhaps he should go to speakers corner and read something out that’s always meant something to him. A passage from a profound and favourite book for example. Or even just a fav book from childhood something like that. Do it well and people might even stop and listen. Or a spoken word version of a few songs with good lyrics. Or some poetry.

    PS and I so don’t always dis everything people want to do! I didn’t even diss this I just asked why he was doing it as I don’t really get it.