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@Tank Girl 433813 wrote:

so if you are taking the moral high ground make sure you are true to your word, and there is no need for being a dick about it
I dont eat meat because i dont like it, this is my choice – no one else’s and – those who eat meat – that is their choice, end of!

your not exactly helping your cause are you by being offensive to others on the board :crazy_diz:crazy_diz

I said to poly that i had become a vegi again, naturally poly took the piss and i replied in kind.
Others said that you need meat to be healthy whice is not true and i explained that my decision was ethical.
Were was i a dick about it? I didnt say to anyone to be a vegi, i responed to there criticisms of my decision.
now the post you’ve quoted above does it sound like i was taking being a vegan seriously? I had a cushty job in a holiday town and was having fun.
Offensive to who? Gazza? Partytime? Have you read what they posted on this tread? Can you not see the humour in my replys to them?