Forums Music Sound Engineering making a mini-rig for a small free party? Re: making a mini-rig for a small free party?


The Boombox thing would probably only give you around 5 Watts of music, might be alright in a small bedroom but would soon dissapear in a room full of people and even more outside..
The power inverter would output 300w so a car battery would last an hour and a half maybe. you might not need it on full power so you might get a couple of hrs out of it..
an inverter might waste a bit of your battery power but i’m not sure it would be much at all..
Tbh i think a 12v soundsystem might be the best way to go if there’s no chance of using a genny.. would you be able to have a generator outside and run a long extension cable down to the party?
Your Friend in a scrap yard will probably be pretty helpful for getting parts for the build nice an cheap.
Don’t suppose your in the midlands/warwickshire (i’m on the border like)