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superpomme wrote:
Trying to put on a little free party for about 30-40 people so nothing too big at all,. How does one go about getting music at one of these things, i think a generators out cause its underground, tho its a pretty massive place. I have big computer speakers that would do, and various laptops / mp3 players to put the music on, i also have a car battery and car stero to mess about with, what does anyone suggest for this? how do you go about powering a speaker system. Im looking for stuff as on the cheap as possible here heh, is it actually viable or is it not worth trying?

have lots of time to mess about with this stuff, but just dont know whats the best bet. if i were to just go with a generator can you hire them relatively cheap and hook up normal speakers to them or will they blow it? my friend just muttered something about impedences and how it was all going to end in disaster, but im willing to give it a try lol.

any help welcome, and sorry if this all sounds too newbish or if someones gone over it before (i gave a quick search and read the faq but didnt find anything)

howabout a big getto blaster and run a power cable from the battery compartment to a car starter pack thats what we use when were just havin a chill in the woods works fine…….or u can buy a cheap little 1k genny for about 40 -50 squid