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    @p0ly 455148 wrote:

    so how come the tv psychics are all considered fake money makers but the little people sitting in a church no one knows are like super psychic gods who guessed (or talked to a spirit w/e) something right once or twice. funny how the big mainstream names get shown to be fakes cos they’re in the public eye…

    ironically for the same reason little girls are encouraged to share more healthier food with horses – Attitudes change over the years and people become more tolerant but more aware.

    A few centuries ago folk like “phsycics” or anyone into the occult or non mainstream media would be lit on fire in the town square and even in my living memory they did not get given a platform on the mainstream media. (they had stopped burning them though, its not smokeless fuel!)

    Now anythings tolerated especially if its classed as “entertaintment” rather than genuine faith group displays, and even faith groups cross over (such as the well funded and tolerated Christian music scene). The mainstream view is that most people don’t believe in this stuff as much as they once used to and as society is more secular and even organised faith becoming a lot more “street level” the man or woman on the street believes less in this kind of stuff.

    I was half tempted to attend a New Age gathering in Stowmarket this weekend just gone but would not have been able to take the opening ceremonies etc seriously (for this reason I was never much good as a Catholic either) and as at least some good friends would be there I didn’t want to offend people. (process might have enjoyed it though :laugh_at:)