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    @barnzy001 455048 wrote:

    my point was that was her dead nan saying she remembers when my friend was a child and would feed the horse polos i just cannot figure out how it would be possible to be that specific .

    30 years ago polo mints were very heavily advertised on kids TV, and there wasn’t half as much political correctness about eating habits of small children or equines. Lots of kids would have done this.

    Whilst today a young girl would be equally likely to want to share her food with a friendly horse, it would more likely be some kind of right on mueseli bar or healthy fruit and veg left over from her lunchbox which she doesn’t want to eat herself because she’s para about putting on too much weight, but doesn’t want to get quizzed by her parents for not eating it.

    However round here horse owners also put up polite signs discouraging random kids from feeding horses – as the horse becomes overweight and they get told off by the vet!