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djprocess;331668 wrote:
you can get them refilled from places other than BOC.

maybe but MHRA are sure to be watching these suppliers as well and the other issue is that cops search vehicles on the way out and its difficult to explain away a large metal cylinder… clearly bigger than one brought there for personal use…

I saw some place online what looked “likely” but they had a whole big article on their website explaining why they wouldn’t sell or refill cylinders, complete with some medical horror stories – why in the middle of a recession would a business turn down revenue and scare away potential customers unless someone with more power was warning them?

if it is entonox that was robbed then there will be some shit laughing gas going round, its only 50% nos.

probably safer though as a lot of the “high” people get is in fact due to oxygen deprivation!

Even so its really going to piss off the NHS – if it carries on like that it wouldn’t be too much hardship for the govt to make nos class C as the extra paperwork could be linked in with higher security procedures. Of course its the patients what lose out in the end due to potential delays in treatment..