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    I stand representing the *** on this issue. We bagged up as much rubbish as we could on the Sunday morning and took it on site. As the photos point out, the rest of the rubbish was arranged in to piles to allow for collection. And collected it was, long before this thread was started. It’s hard work tidying up after the people when running these events and would be good if people could take a bit more responsibility for their own rubbish, but if they don’t we WILL go back and clear it up.

    If anyone cares to go down to the site now they will see that it is TOTALLY DEVOID of all rubbish. i personally went down there today after all of the fuss caused here and cleared the last of the bits from the floor (which wasn’t actually all that much) something we had always intended to do with this site. This thing has been blown out of all proportion and quite blatantly been used as an excuse to drag our name through the mud, hence why the original poster has NEVER made an attempt to get in touch with us personally before he brandished our name all over the internet. Blatantly BAIT! He has tried to spur people on here to do his dirty work by posting our email contact on here also. Also as an attendee of this party who revisited the site the least he could have done is taken a bag himself rather than having a big whinge about it.

    Leigh Wood was spotless after we finished there.

    I am negotiating access to clear the rubbish after the notorious gorge party last sat that made the paper because of the moaning doctor. And none of this is to do with the slagging off some people are unjustifiably trying to give us on here but because I will take personal responsibility for ensuring the rubbish left after parties is cleared away.

    We’re good hard working people, if you choose to label us based on your own assumptions that’s up to you.

    It seems to me that this was just an attempt to slag us off publicly but looking at a lot of the responses here it has not worked and I’m glad. It light take us a while sometime (quite rarely actually unless the police force us off site before we can clear up) but at least we go back and clear up. I’ve seen party sites left in a hell of a state by rigs that just up and leave, never to return. Naming us in the title of this thread is further evidence that this was just bait. If anyone has any further issues regarding this our contact emails are one here and we’re all ears.

    Peace out.