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Pisces wrote:
Yeah, they have had major problems, with internet abuse. Mainly people downloading music / films / other such huge files, rather than just browsing sites.

But in typical knee-jerk fashion for the company their response is to ban all internet use.

Regarding valuing my job, I personally couldn’t give a monkeys. I’m currently working my notice anyway.

But to summarise there’s not really any way of getting round it then?

not really any easy way….and even if you did it would be dodgy for references as it shows you are a person who doesn’t accept discipline, if they really wanted to push it they can call the cops and it would be classed as “supsicion of employee theft of company resources” because you have tried to break the filter. (OK this depends on how IT literate your local cops are but many bobbies are more clued up these days – a lot are ex-IT workers from the days of the dot-com crash)

If you’re working your notice I’d just put up with it for the next few weeks and try to get a better job with less restrictive policies…