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    having done a bit of research about the wider London music scene I’m much more worried about the gangs than the Met TBH….

    I didn’t know until now that the TSG have been called out multiple times to sort out beef at legal drum and bass and grime events and it is this what led to form 696… all them rudeboy MC’s hyping up their crowd to fight the cops etc.

    loads of £25 entry events been locked off by the cops without anyone getting their money back either..

    I don’t want to claim “conspiracy theory” as I genuinely believe no one not even coppers want this to happen but I can see the rudeboys trying to fuck over the psy-trance parties if they get left alone as and other ones are stopped as a reprisal due to racial tension as many psy-trance people are foreign – this happened in the late 1990s, ended up with the estate kids beating shit out of some of the italians/spanish and people getting dashed into the Grand Union etc..