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i know exactly what you mean mate, sorry to hear that.

5-6 years ago a family like that moved in next to us, scary nutters tbh. they’ve alrady been invovled in some very sketchy stuff (two of them are in prison for assault on a woman, because her husband reported their car stolen when he recognised it!) and generally are abusive and dicks. one of the cunts, about 35, was so pathetic he threatened to kick in my little brother (12 at the time) because there were “football marks on his car” and he presumed he’d done it.

needless to say me dad weren’t happy at that at all, and had summat to say on the matter. suprisingly, talkin bout it to them seemed to calm shit down a little. they are still dicks tho, that “overtakin” thread was relatin to them goin round (whole famlily like) an threatenin to kick a middle-aged couple in for overtakin them!

dont let that alone drive u out tho mate, talkin to ’em is a scary prospect but probly won’t do any harm.