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Tank Girl

sorry to hear this its a fucking nightmare when this happens as you feel so out of controll,

Some friends of ours had a similar situation which unfortunatley escelated over months and months of unprovoked verbal threats, abuse by their neighbour who ended up unprovokedly assaulting him,
police called and she then assaulted 2 of them and was carried out of her house hands and legs cuffed,
went to court etc etc and as they had a ‘dispute’ they then had to tell the estate agents about this when trying to sell, as they could be fined if they didnt
So in the end they sold their house to a property developer – who was aware and didnt really care about the situation as they would then do it up and re sell it, and lost money unfortunatley but it wasnt as bad as they thought it would be

but for their peace of mind, personal safety and stress levels it was the best thing they ever did – as you are maent to feel safe in you ‘home’ (whatever type of home you have)

good luck mate and keep safe ! :group_hug