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General Lighting;233266 wrote:
be aware also that if there is the slightest chance the people you turned in know of your weekend activities or that you use this site, they have every right to notify TVP you may be a recreational drug user as a tit for tat action.

Of course cops can’t nick you without evidence, but I’d be careful what is stashed in the house and when exiting from or going to venues….

Well I think they know about my weekend antics, well the head chef there does but that is fine… He would know better than to start a stupid tit for tat war with me, it would likely screw him over. They are both over 40 and are not very computer literate either.

I would never keep any drugs or drug paraphernalia in my house or car as I know better than that, its not something I would get caught out with I dont think.

Digital-A wrote:
Questions may be asked as to why you have not reported it when you knew they were in the wrong. I would cover your own back and write a report stating you have (try and remember dates/occasions etc) when you have spoken to them and its gone unheeded.

best to cover your own arse mate 🙂

I am not there any more and I told the EHO that I have been helping there as a favour, I told them that I have been trying my hardest and warning them about the standards.

Once I had been in the kitchen I would leave it in a state that an EHO would be happy with (well minus the door seals and some other equipment that damaged cleaning is impossible) but a week later I would be finding mouldy food again and it would be a shit hole.

I do have a feeling that I am going to be fucked over for something by them, but realistically its the only thing I can do. But no one knows I have reported them well apart from a friend who has also put in a complaint as she worked there.

The EHO did say my name would not be mentioned at all and it will remain anonymous.