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oh……. 😥

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Excuse me, if you have something to say put your hand up.:laugh_at:

Nah It doesn’t really bother me, I just making a point 🙂 Same thing really Innit.

I agree presentation means alot to new comers, but as far as the site Is clean, and the actual articles and pages are neat and well written, I dont think anything that anyone posts should influence someones opinion of the place in that such a way only maybe the person posting If they are feeling that artificially judgemental.

I would have thought with the nature of free parties, that most people who came here would look past such simple things as words (especially when not aimed as an insult). I would have thought people would understand people are used to speaking differently in everyday life. Me and my mates talk about shagging each others mums, take the piss out of the fat/ugly and basically pick at things that don’t really matter to us in that way, even though we don’t mean It. We all know this aswell.

I try to see the best in people, April, but sometimes you can seem really childish in the ways you react to things. Especially that PM you sent to Process… Hypocritical too. Taking him off your friends list too? You’d rather keep in time your electronic friend list with people off the internetz and knock people off it resulting in arguments, rather than leave it and just live your life? Seems slightly pathetic :crazy_diz