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    MrAHC wrote:
    was ok if you enjoy staying with a dope fiend amutur porn director. used live on travlers sites down that way. its deffo chaged alot full of yuppys n creddit card hippys.

    probably trustafarians TBH

    real “yuppies” (other than those what are gonna get made redundant in the bear market) often don’t have time to piss around in Brighton these days, they would be still in their offices (particularly those working in technology or IT and who don’t want to see their jobs bangalored)

    I know what you mean though, there is a DJ called “DJ Rubbish” and “Cassette boy” who are from Peckham (SE London) and they made this dub track about trustafarians who go to Brighton attach a clip on dreadlock to their mums cocker spaniel :laugh_at: