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Tank Girl
    boothy wrote:
    camden market was good to wander round but everythin was bare expensive so i didnt buy anythin, apart from some well nice south african curry from a food stall

    as for nightlife, i couldnt even get into pubs, let alone get served. even at 6pm, pubs were “no under 18’s” and despite bein with my family they id’ed me seperately.

    Camden must have tightened up – I practically lived there at the weekend when I was 15 – 18 and always got served – but maybe coz I am a girl? dunno sometimes that seems the case-

    used to love it, thought it was ‘magical’ (either that or it was all those those pinky’s / speed pills 😉 )

    but ended up living up the road in Belsize park on and off from 18 – 23 and it was then that I could see it for the shit hole it really is
    still go occasionally but under no illusion as to what it is now – :hopeless: