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    BioTech wrote:
    I’d say I’m myself around my girlfriend, brother and close friends (Titch being one of them). Around others I usually slip in to another personality to suit theirs. It’s not really a conscious thing, I sometimes don’t realise I’m doing it and then notice it later. My voice even changes sometimes.

    Essentially it’s me but with a few tweaks. I can’t help it. Obviously there are some people you can immediately make your mind up on and you will hold back parts of your personality to not offend.

    I don’t really think it’s a case of being real, devious, or not true to yourself I just think it’s often an essential skill that you develop to make life easier and get by. I think it’s pretty rare that people act themselves with everyone.

    i think youve put what i was trying to say perfectly there mate 🙂