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    I used to be what Angel is describing. In those days I was coming to terms with serious life shit and new restrictions on my life/health.

    Nowadays you meet me as I am though I am still intensely private. I am always the person I want to be in a particular situation [sometimes work enviroments require masks to get round people’s preconceptions] and I am more open with people than I used to be. TBH like SL I tone down who I am for people I dont know – not so much pretending to be something else as not being in their face about it.

    I do have very close personal friends with whom there are no pretenses required to oil the social machinery [these are very few and far between but priceless people who are able to deal with me unadultarated and uncensored] I am lucky – my partner is one of these people and I dont know how I would get through a day without them :love: