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Tank Girl

I like a lot of contemporary art,

I think the thing with art is it is always changing, what my parents thought as contemporary is old fashioned to us – including music

Some of Tracey emnins stuff I don’t get but some I do ( I went to her first exhibition when I was an art student, we only went as it had free champagne and I remember rolling around in her tent, and we licked champagne off of a statues tits outside the camberwell gallery after – it was only years later I realised it was ‘her’ opening night)
Same with Gilbert and george, adrian and shane, jeff koons, damien hurst etc

I know what I like and what I don’t, visual strand audio
I try not to get too hooked into genres or the art behind the art
A friend of mine is a conceptual artist (doing really well for herself) I haven’t a clue bout the concept, I don’t understand it, but I really like the end product, I’ve told her this and for her the concept is important to her, if you get it- that’s a bonus but art is what you make of it