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djprocess;233933 wrote:
how come they told your mates this? you’d think they’d want to keep it quite unless the cops are ex ravers that are trying to give your mates a ‘heads up’ or they dont realise that your mates are for raves rather than against them… wierd.

One definitely was a raver, he had a long chat with mates of mine about the old skool days, he used to attend all the East Anglian happy hardcore events before he joined up! (I nicknamed him “PC Hardcore” :laugh_at:).

The second was just warning us not to blatantly advertise illegal parties on here (despite the fact we stopped doing that in 2005) or anything else contrary to UK law, and said “he knew we were hosted in a foreign country, and how to get the correct warrants etc.”.

This was around the time of the 2006 riots, which were the largest civil disturbance in recent times in East Anglia so TBH it didn’t surprise me.

I would hope the cops what read here do actually realise no one here this site has grown up a bit with the ravers and the scene and the bulk of people here are fairly responsible….

I’ve heard on the grapevine that although Suffolk have a reputation for being harsh, the authorities would actually tolerate a well run underground but legal event provided we kept everyone safe and there were no fights/thefts/disturbances or people overdoing drugs to such an extent they needed expensive NHS treatment… its just that history does not count in our favour, as Suffolk and Essex were pioneer counties for raves (both legal and unlicensed) in the 90s and bore the brunt of peoples drugs excesses…