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    Tuneinn records closed recently i knew the brothers that ran it.. to be honest i think there is a market for it, It gives people the chance to listen to what they want at their own time an when they want..

    My sisters man is the perfect example.. he is part of the internet generation and usually buys all his tunes online where he can listen to em at his leisure..

    I recently took him to my local record shop where he enjoyed the flicking through the tunes.. I’m lazy i get Dan the record man to pick out what i’d like and go from there…

    However D-trash decided that he still prefered online as you have no pressure to listen to them faster when there is a queue at the dex..

    However the bonus to shops is that you get your tunes straight away…

    Whatever you do Titch i wish you the best an if you sell acidtechno i’ll buy it…:bounce_o: