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    Hi All ,
    Well heres my little bit , there are many kinds of smart / clever . And i think every one has a talent , wether they have discovered it or not . The way i see it is there are two main types of clever : one Common sense , this being everyday sense but also practical the type of person that does things ( action if you like ) .

    Then theres academic , very clever at thinking quantum physics ….etc . The great thinkers of life …..the meaning of life and the universe . However probably couldnt change a flat tyre on a car .

    We need both types of people in this life , so its a good thing we dont think and have the same talents in life .

    There is a rare third type though , the lucky buggers that can do both !!! , only met a few in my time and they are very successful …..not sure how this happens , either lucky or they sold their soul to the devil lol .

    Either way no matter which side you fall in we all have some thing to offer in life and talents etc . We are all speacial 🙂