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    U can come over my way for a beer if your N/E sides .. not sure what’s going on in London tho, mby something in whitechappel at rythem factory or the likes … that’s normaly got good shit of a weekend .. but I have no idea on a week day. (fuck all in my area tho and I’m too skint to actualy go out out anyway). There’s a few good pubs in centeral london/astoria ways … but again I can’t afford to pay london prices for beer when my offlicence sells them for 1/3 of the price! :laugh_at:. You might wanna check online what’s going on in vaxhall/brixton … that’s normaly the 24/7 party area … but even then I doubt you’ll find packed rooms, and there are quite alot of dodgy peeps ‘anging about round them ways, moreso on a weekend mind you.