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    @JamZandwich 385006 wrote:

    Im a learner so I do need it.

    Also, with the sort of music I play (Fast, Boom boom bang kinda stuff) its really handy to have the BPM counter.

    Like what poly said, I might as well use it if its got it

    One good thing to come out of its absence though – I am starting to rely on my ears all the time these days to beat match. often this is difficult when mixing the much Harder stuff, where there is barely a split second between beats.

    I Recon Im getting the hang of it though raaa

    fair play mate im only taking the piss. always best to learn the skills tho rather than rely on technology as you’ve found out that can sometimes go wrong! tbh if your playing really fast music with loads of beats all over the shop thats probably whats throwing the bpm counter off, some just cant handle some tunes. what time of music are you playing btw?