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    Ok the streams up in the mp3 section : :alien_abd

    Here’s the setlist:

    DJ Ideosphere
    Partyvibe Radio Saturday 13/05/06


    Deep – Julian Liberator and Henry Cullen
    Origin en el conga – Rey Front System
    Brusand – Cave
    Twisted Funk – Pressure Funk
    Raven – Darko Esser
    Klonk A1 – Surgeon
    Welcome – Mark Williams
    The Imagined Cry – Mark Cox
    Califas – Paul Hazendonk
    Body shock – Cyber Steve and Ant
    In the air – Groove Man
    Fluid – Melt
    Blunt – (Kobaya’s late remix) – Pedro Delgardo
    Underground – Acid Fairy
    Loop2 – Loop
    Burn it black – Dirty Bass & Antonio Lugo
    Pocketbitch – Sascha Mueller Vs. Nightnoise
    Reducer – Darko Esser
    Crunked up (Jorge Malo Techno) – Jorge Jaramillo
    Dicky Mint – Jonny Smart
    Knackt – Marco Bailey
    Funk around the world (Bryan Cox Mix) – DJ Preach pres. Marco G
    Ibu-Pro (Sinisa Tamamovic Remix) – Pedro Delgardo
    Humanoid (No dot) – Stacker
    Bootleg bitch – Markh Ankh
    Nobody – Budai and Vic
    Mystery replay tune – woops! ;-p
    Caipirinha – DJ Preach and Anderson Noise

    Back next Saturday hopefully! :bigsmile: