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    globalloon wrote:
    i think that that is bollocks. everyone, from central government, daily mail, my local labour council, the local record shop, the people in my street are desperate to build a community that goes beyond economy or single issues.

    sorry, but other than a few youth shelters that isn’t the case in my area (other than clampdowns on crime etc) there was a councilor claiming to be “sticking up for the youth” but he was a tory and he is on remand now for noncing young girls.#

    even if people do show interest often no one can agree on the fundamentals here, stuff is talked about and delayed due to squabbling and wranglings.

    anyway, its getting to the stage where other than family and a few close friends I’ve stopped caring about what happens in society any more – I’m not gonna be around much longer than 20-30 or so years on this earth (perhaps less even), and the rot won’t set in immediately – I don’t have kids so it doesn’t really matter all that much what happens..