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    globalloon wrote:
    so you go from a proud living to serving coffee or unloading a truck for significantly less than what is now minimum wage and travelling hours for the privilege. if your bus is late, you get the formal warning. you can’t be saying that the early 90’s were a prosperous time in england. the biggest recession in generations. the largest number of families losing their homes.

    the early 90s weren’t a good time at all – but within a few years an artificial boom happened from the dot com days and it was at that time the underground party scene actually flourished in a lot of areas.

    Though Exodus did try to publicise their ethos in the early 90s, (as did Kan) a lot of people didn’t bother looking into the wider picture of what Exodus were doing until the late 90s when they thought “hey man, they are getting away with growing weed!”

    Then Exodus fucked up and didn’t deliver what they promised. Kan got themselves into heroin abuse and petty theft, hence the feds being constantly on their case to this day.

    in the meantime, we rave on and use the party platform to build friendships and networks that will outlast our economy

    if you were around at the ‘start of it all’ you know it didn’t start with raving, it started with displaced people creating an alternative to debt. here we are 3 decades later and the same conditions are coming into play

    maybe, but a lot of the people partying today no longer want to (or know how to) build the networks, especially when they involve actual hard work rather than just drugs and music and people getting together for more than 12 hours for a ketamine binge.

    I was talking about “wider communities” and going beyond raving on here and SJ in 2003 and no fucker really seemed to be interested, and that situation hasn’t changed.

    the rave I referred to at the start of this thread which went tits up didn’t even get hassled by cops. If people can no longer put on a positive rave in the first place even without “dirty babylon” hassling them, how on earth can they be expected to build a wider community?