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Tank Girl


    another epic journey!! :crazy:

    I’m all excited so up at 5am

    left mine at 8am to get to Wales by 12.00 as planned to collect my van, problem free journey there..

    get there and go to leave and Marcus’s car wont start,

    we try and bump start it pushing him down a hill, no joy – he gets towed back to the farm by the lovely guy selling me the van,

    I have to leave without him whilst he’s phoning his breakdown cover –

    the plan was he’d follow me back – just in case – as I’ve NEVER driven anything so large, diesel or size engine –

    but I go as dont really want to be drivin in the dark in an unusual vehicle

    I decided to come straight back without stopping – so I’m home

    He’s apparently got re-started and is on the M40 on his way – phew!!

    I’ve left her outside my mates old house down the road as I panicked and dont think without chopping down a post I’ll get her in one piece on my drive…

    I might walk down the road again to stroke her in a minute though :bounce_fl:bounce_fl