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DJCliffy wrote:
Exactly mate if you don’t know him that well then i wouldn’t worry too much. you waited for 45 minutes which is pretty nice neway so it’s the geezers fault, at least you tried to help him eh! :love:

I’m not just singling you out by quoting you but…seriously.

The guy fucked up, which happens to us all some time. We are supposes to look out for each other. I mean would you be happy in that sutuation? I have looked after strangers on drugs and they have looked after me, its a pretty big part of the ethos the party scene was born with.

Never leave a man behind, especially fucked on drugs in the street where he could have died and did get arrested. For all you know he could be a nurse or similar and lose his right to work.

Sorry to be a cunt but I believe in respect and that and even the idea of ditching someone in the street gets my blood boiling.