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it just shows the difference in culture between our two countries (or North and South) or maybe how atttitudes have changed..

I can see why this happened as people probably panicked a bit and were getting tired/irritable and unfortunately down here everyone is taught to “look out for number one”, although bringing him back to a safe house would definitely be a better idea. Yes it was his fault for taking too much K, but even if you weren’t feeling particularly charitable, dumping comatose bodies in public places is bait.

how did the cops find him anyway? routine patrols aren’t that common even if you live in a fairly rough area. Did a neighbour see you dumping him and call 999 (perhaps taking down the car reg number?) Many people these days are uber-paranoid of “gangs” and would assume you had done the man over and were dumping him in the street as some sort of punishment!

Also, if he wasn’t a close friend, and he got in trouble with the feds, whats stopping him grassing on you lot in order to “bargain down” any charges he may be facing? (or being encouraged by TVP to do so and they are devious bastards in that respect!)

Unfortunately though a lot of friendships are less solid these days., TBH I think in many cases friendship has been replaced by “networking” in the commercial/business sense where people hang around with each other only because of what they can offer or have..