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    4th track and more waffling.

    Track: Watch Us Now

    When I hear sounds I see colour, shape and movement. Its dulled a bit over the years, but its still there.

    Synth sounds, like the harmonically rich orchestral rave stab, appeared orange with a burnt yellow hue, and have a surface texture like a sponge crossed with heavily ridged bark. Its sort of a rounded rectangular shape that bends a little and raises…

    They are enjoyable to see! And many hours were spent experimenting with these sounds as they were the most fun.

    As for why Hyper-On tunes seem to completely change every 8 to 16 bars – I’m unsure.

    Rave tunes at that time were very disjointed. There were so many breakdowns! I guess the stop/start arrangement of the tracks at the time were an influence, but we didn’t bother repeating the last 32 bars – we just played something else!

    I think we were telling a story. Like it describes a journey where at the end you feel glad you’ve made it. That pretty much summed up the Rave days.

    Track 4: Watch us now

    The name came from a sample we had, but Danny had introduced it as part of his spoken repertoire. Danny was a good dancer and would laugh and throw one liners at everyone. He might, on occasion, throw a move and say: “Watch us now!!!”.

    The intro whistle was a blatant steal from a track we had heard Rob Playford do (or was involved with). I loved this sound and couldn’t wait to use it.

    The sub is from the Juno 6.

    Breaks from Norman Cook – Skip to my Loops

    Orchestral sound came from sitting in The Shed constantly doing 30 second samples of the radio on the Akai. I would listen to classical music hoping to find a killer sample! We had no DAT at that time.

    Synth is Sh101. I think the phase fx came from modulating the pulse width of an oscillator with a slow lfo. Its nice to hear this synth in its pure form as nowadays we would process the fuck out of it.

    Other Synth is the 202. This whole tunes is a bit of an analogue work out.

    Strings are pure Korg M1 classics!

    The vocoder sample “Break it down suicidal” was made on the Boss SE 50 and was a sample from UK Hip Hop group Hardnoise (I think).