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    7th track and more influences.

    Track – A Certain Emotion

    In the late 80s and early 90s Danny and I went to a lot of club nights and raves and saw a lot of live acts.

    The ones I remember were; Shades of Rhythm, N-Joi, Rhythm Section, Guru Josh, Prodigy, Altern8.

    I regret never hearing Adamski or 808 State play live. I heard Adamski was amazing. There was such a massive buzz about him.

    To advertize Adamski’s album they used the styling of a Lucozade bottle, but Lucozade complained and got the advert pulled. A while later when they realized how big Adamski was they produced adverts that played on their association with NRG.


    The Prodigy were/are excellent, both musically and live. The first time I heard Charly Says on a system I came up so hard a bit of wee came out.

    As Hyper-On Experience we had tried to hook up with The Prodigy’s manager, but nothing came of it. His 1st album was called “The Prodigy – Experience”.


    N-Joi were the Dons for me. I’ve heard them half a dozen times and it was always brilliant. They had a raft of analogue synths on stage and sequenced using an Alesis MMT8.

    After one of their gigs in Yarmouth I went up to them and asked what equipment they were using, one said: “I can’t tell you”. They immediately organized the putting away of all the equipment so I couldn’t see.

    I can’t see the point in this and the whole “I’m not gonna tell you how I do things” business. The way I see it, even if I gave you my hard drive full of samples you would not make Hyper-On/EZ Rollers tunes. You would make your tunes with my samples.

    When we were deciding what we were going to do live we came up with the idea of uniforms. Danny bought and altered some clothes for us. They were meant to be red with black piping down the arms and legs. But it later transpired that he had bought all the gear from a womans shop and the red actually looked pink on stage! We even had pink sailor hats with HE embossed on them…

    The horror.

    7th Track – A Certain Emotion (Al’s Theme)

    Making music is an intensely personal experience. You are, in effect, attempting to communicate your emotions without words.

    I sometimes see it like a mirror. The music you make reflecting how you feel.

    I guess I was just a skinny messed up kid, or something, but I remember this tunes meaning a lot about how I was feeling at the time.

    Sampled pad with Korg M1 piano.
    Sampled vocal note and Korg synth.
    Vocal sampled looped in the Akai using crossfade overlap.
    Korg flute playing hookline.
    Sampled Hammond.
    “Stirring Stuff” sample came from sampling the radio.
    Dropping to standard 4×4.

    The modulated synth bassline was a variation of an eq trick we used to do. We would effect a synthline by massively boosting the midrange and then sweeping the eq frequency. This one was done in the same way, but modulating a phasor effect in the Korg.

    As Hyper-On we didn’t do many 4×4 tracks. I guess this was a final gasp before Danny removed all the kicks!

    Still managed to slip in the cheesy: “One, two, three, four” sample at the end 😉