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    sorry to here those of you that have had a bad year,i hope things get better as they finally seem to have of for me.I have sorted my life out totally this year,got my own place(well rented as opposed to mates sofas/spare beds)went to amsterdam for me birthday,festivals,partys and am going away for me girlfreinds birthday on thursday.Dont get me wrong i’ve had 4 years of crap(some of which i can only blame myself for),just trying to say even though your whole world can seem to fall apart around you,its not going to be like that for ever you’ve just got to try and get through it and not give up.
    B52,I lost a freind who commited suicide a few years ago,i ttook it really bad for reasons i wont go in to but i know how hard it can be for you and your freinds.My heart goes out to all of you,it does get easier.