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    well….me qualified my level 3 teach assist only to be notified it had been referred …now handed back in …still awaiting result …got a new job…saw my son become a teenager 13 an watched him get taller before my very eyes it seems …so funny thoi his new saying is .”whats the point”to everything i ask of him ….watched my little girl get her first wobble tooth an watching her grow over the last year is amazing my kidz are ace! without em i d just couldnt function…biggest thing this year is realising my marriage is not gonna be forever an after trying to make it work an worryin cos it aint finding the bottle to call it a day for all our sakes…… ive learnt a lot this year about myself… ive grown emotionally im a lot stronger now in mind than ive ever been …the unknown doesnt daunt me…..i was sad inside for a while but its all working out ….touch wood……moneys tight an christmas is gonna be :crazy_diz but we ll be by…..i take everyday as it comes……x peace