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    tartipants;312514 wrote:
    Weekend that it! 😉

    My best night in a club ever. The Jam rocked its socks off to some absolutely fantastic mixing from Mr Clark and The rest of the guys. Awesome is the only word I could use to describe the atmosphere in the place, it was truely electric.raaaraaaraaaraaa

    Fell through the front door at about 7.30 am and cracked on!!:yakk:

    Brilliant weekend all round.

    Hope you guys all had fun!!:bounce_fl

    yeah atomic was wicked. was so good to go back, forgotton how good it was! looked so slick when the strobe stayed on for a second and you could see everyone standing round going nuts was quality, bus ride back however was pure hell. met some well sound people as well, need to start going clubbing again. totally fucked my tinnitus tho 😥