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Old Stringy Pants Stringer has actually bothered to leave his maison de casa and get his wibbly bottom in gear and join me Simon “boy of destiny” Page for our usual slap up Nigerian feast at our favorite Nigerian restaurant which ALWAYS precedes our not very infamous but still strikingly groovy TWO HOUR back to back especial underground mix session on House 88.6FM this Sat 03.04.10, 4pm-6pm, stream us live over the big old web at HouseFM.NET – Welcome , also, get yourself logged in Facebook and you can chat with us via the IM feature.

You can text the studio on 07957580614.

GREAT NEWS! We have got trouble himself joining us in the studio this Sat 03.04.10 and that can only mean ARRIS DA KAT – Some of you will know him already, he’s da nuts! Anyhow, I’ve run out of space if I keep typing its going t