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    @Fizzbombheid 436855 wrote:

    im being serious gazza ma pal. i think Camp America is still on the go. Back in 1987(i was younger than you are now man) it saved my life from smack. i had no job, no prospects, no nothing.TBH i was a bum. i was on the road to heroin prison. i said “fuk it!” got myself £500 and off i went. got sacked like….after a month but hooked up with 2 English dudes (with the same frame of mind) and lived like a hobo for 5 months in the good ol’ USA. Best time of my life man.

    life is an adventure buddy and it stands ya in good stead for the future.

    obviously go with what your heart says but i sense a traveller in ya. the world is your oyster pal.

    Grab it.


    I’ve seen posters for camp america so pretty sure it’s still going.