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    Hahaha thats funny thanks for heads up

    I saw this same thing quoted on another forum and nearly made the mistake myself until I read about him celebrating his 100th birthday in 2006 but dying at age 102. (there is also a clue to the year in the website address but its perhaps not the sort of thing that folk immediately pick up on unless your day job involves looking after systems processing a lot of data containing figures and dates, relating to people who are very elderly )

    what is interesting is that usually a man of that age or even younger is not in good health and is often suffering serious dementia and mental deterioration. yet from all the reports it is clear that Mr Hoffman was giving coherent interviews in both English and German well into his 80s and 90s, TBH pretty much until he did go down from a heart attack. Of course I don’t think he did acid that regularly or all the time but its a perhaps an example example of the sensible use of drugs combined with keeping the mind occupied clearly being good for long term mental health…