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    playing with my daughter is my main ‘hobby’

    also love exploring, far and wide (spent a fair bit of time travelling and living abroad) and much closer to home… i think the latter comes back to when i was a teenager and me and my mates used to pride ourselves on knowing every available ‘escape’ route… i still like to know what shortcuts there are, where-ever i am in my area

    my possible new hobby may be politics(!)… i’m seriously considering running in the next local election as an independant… hope my affiliation with the partyvibe doesn’t lead to my career assassination 😉

    still trying to learn how to use my nice camera

    bought a mountain bike last october and started getting more adventurous with it this year

    also love my little garden.. it’s the first one i ever had and i’m trying to make it beautiful

    and i make my own cider… in fact i looked at an old farm house today, with a view to moving in there, that has a small apple orchard, so that could become a real labour of love :alcoholic