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    funny cat wrote:
    Thanks for your comment, I’m starting to feel better but mainly suffering from dizzy spells which are rather unpleasant!

    So you from Reading? Did you ever got to bassheads at the matrix? I loved that night, it had such a cool ravey atmosphere and we always had such a wicked time. I also used to go to checkpoint charlie at the after dark a lot, also lots of fun with some excellent after-parties.

    So you been dj-ing long?

    :p 😀

    I currently live in Reading but am originally from London. I don’t mind it here; people are friendlier and there are less shootings.

    also learnt about 14 years ago – although I would say it took me 2 years to learn the basics. TBH I haven’t played for ages; I took a big step back from partying hard a couple of years ago as it was getting a bit much and stuff like geting employment etc had to take priority, and haven’t really kept up with record buying for years – but on the rare occasions I do spin a few tunes I can still mix fairly well..

    I actually never set foot in the Matrix; we had way too many brilliant local free parties at that time (1999-2001) and I always found the Matrix way too commercial and full of bouncers, cameras and CID posing as bouncers – most of my friends got barred from there at least once!