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Acidfairy wrote:

Thats why i still prefer playing at free parties, better crowd of people an no bloody
pretentiousness and people are there for the music not because its the “in” place to be…

agreed – I never much liked the commercial rave scene even in the early 90s as I could see it was a cartel of all the DJ’s keeping hold of their bit and not letting in many newcomers, and parts of it were pretty much run by gangsters

when the urban music scene becomes a male-dominated youth movement based around ego, fashion and macho posturing, it can get to the point where its actually a security threat as it encourages a culture of aggression and criminality….

consider that all the shootings in both London and the North seem to take place around clubs playing UKG, Grime and other urban music with a more commercial tip the promoters are really aggressive sometimes and try to fuck over each others events with stuff like hoax calls to cops about gunmen, CS canisters let off in events / fire alarms set off and all sorts of other fuckery…

this used to happen at raves (although it was rarer) but as Grime/Eski is getting the money at the moment people are hungry for the crumbs from the commercial music industry’s table

and when it becomes commercial it becomes a competition and a real dog eat dog (or dog shoot dog) world!